Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Guilty Walker aide described as "First Political Prisoner."

Now a real contender, Scott Walker's run for president has made defending his past authoritarian misdeeds an almost surreal experience, even downright breathtaking. 

The Wisconsin Reporter may be the most outrageous attempt to date, with the sad story of lawless Walker aide, Kelly Rindfliesch. "Reporter" M.D. Kittle goes for broke defending illegal campaign emails by Rindfliesch. 

Kittle's Onion-esque title is pictured here, with a Tweet of support from another victim of liberal harassment, right wing radio host Vicki McKenna. 

Jaw dropping and ridiculous, Kittle is trying to make the case that conservatives should not be prosecuted by liberal DA's, even if they're caught breaking the law...just a little bit. 

Described as a "secret war on conservatives," Rindfliesch is laughably portrayed as "the first political prisoner." You really can't make this up any better than these right wing spin-meisters. You'll notice in the article that the secret router used to illegally campaign is never mentioned. Just an oversight I'm sure: 
Fox News: Kelly Rindfliesch could become the first political prisoner in what many see as a Democrat-led secret war on conservatives. Rindfleisch, was convicted in 2012 on a nebulous charge of misconduct in public office for answering campaign emails while serving as an aide to Gov. Scott Walker ... The charge, like the prosecutors' sweeping search of Rindfleisch's computers and smartphones, appears to have been expansive and ill-fitting her "crimes." 

"This started with them (Milwaukee County District Attorney's office) trying to get something on Scott Walker while he was running for governor, and their aggressiveness increased with the passage of Act 10, and it was no holds barred," Rindfleisch said. "They were going to do whatever they had to do to get him, even if it destroyed other people." 
You gotta love this....
Her attorney, Frank Gimbel, tells Wisconsin Reporter he will file a habeas corpus petition with the United States District Court for the Eastern District in Milwaukee. It’s a rather unusual move.

“We are challenging the state official that will have custody of Kelly on the grounds of this has gotten to the point where her liberty was taken away from her. And because she was deprived of due process, we’re asking the federal court to release her,” Gimbel said.
Stunningly bad reporting and outrageous spin.

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