Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Walker okay with failing septic systems contaminating groundwater!

When Scott Walker proposed downsizing the DNR at a time when the state couldn't keep up with sand mine inspections, and defunding our state parks, you knew something was up right?

Could Walker be the most anti-environmental governor in state history?   

The answer is a resounding yes. Small government is one thing, but cutting a program that stops groundwater contamination (drinking water) to achieve that ideal is crazy irresponsible:
WPR: Walker Budget Ends Program That Helps People Update Septic Systems, Close To 500 Low-Income People Have Applied To Grant Program This Year: Low-income property owners who make under $32,000 a year would not be able to receive financial assistance for replacing their aging septic systems under Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget.

"It’s one of the best funding sources for low-income people to replace these systems that are an environmental concern and a health concern," said Terri Dopp-Paukstat, president of the Wisconsin County Code Administrators ... the grant money goes toward replacing older systems that are shown to contaminate groundwater or drinking water. She said close to 500 people have already submitted applications for assistance this year. "They would not get funding or reimbursement if this budget were to pass the way that it’s written now," she said.

Last year, the program awarded around $2.3 million to 654 low-income property owners.

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