Thursday, March 12, 2015

Walker cuts SeniorCare, forcing elderly out of their homes, and hands money over to Medicare Part D - Big Pharma/Insurers.

First they came for the unions…

…now Scott Walker is coming for the seniors, a major conservative voting block.

SeniorCare is a state program that saves the struggling elderly lot's of money on drugs, and beats the heck out of Medicare Part D costs.

But in one fell swoop, Scott Walker is drowning government in a bathtub, cutting all public ties to education, parks, environment, safety net programs and regulations. Government will be left to do what the founding fathers wanted it to do; steer taxpayer dollars to private businesses, a favorite GOP source for campaign fundraising.  

Kill SeniorCare. Walker wants to turn senior dollars into insurer profits, and that can’t happen as long as the state government is running Seniorcare.
For seniors on a fixed income, here’s a per year comparison:
Seniorcare = $30 year.

Compared to….

Medicare Part D = $188 to $1,560 a year.
That’s the price of freedom and smaller government. For many conservatives, that’s all that matters.  

Seniors slipping into poverty: Seniors on Social Security average $1,305 a month; minus $105 a month for Medicare; minus $140 to $200 a month for supplemental insurance. 

The monthly cost of Medicare is never talked about, and should be. Walker's "small government" plan wipes away a large part of what's left of their fixed income. That's why SeniorCare is so important. 

Rep. Robin Vos may be worried about angering seniors and getting their vote, so he’s taking Walker’s plan and tweaking it; seniors can keep what they have, but no new signups. Private insurers selling Part D will eventually get their money. Source: WKOW.


  1. You know John, it's kind off hard to feel sympathy for the senior folk. Every one that I know worships Walker. Every negative thing he has done - and they are multitude- they deny or ignore.

    If I remember correctly 64% of last Novembers electorate were 65 or older. They put him in power and now this is the price they have to pay for their ignorance, shortsightedness, and homophobia.

  2. I'm in complete agreement. But I still hold out hope they'll finally get the message.