Saturday, March 14, 2015

Uh oh, Walker compares ISIS to computer virus?

I liked the comment at Crooks and Liars about Scott Walker's latest whack-a-doodle comparison; "The good news is that he is no longer comparing Wisconsin protesters to ISIS terrorists. The bad news is that Walker is still comparing ISIS to a computer virus."

Walker's odd knack for bad analogies stems from his overall lack of foreign policy experience, which is reminding me of party hopeful and worst candidate ever, Sarah Palin.

A few other warning signs:
1. Mr. Non-Answer himself, Scott Walker, point blank said he won't be answering questions about foreign policy, unlike Obama, because that would be like telling our enemies. Didn't Republicans insist Obama tell them...oh, never mind. Again, Walker is telling us he'll spring whatever scheme he comes up with, on both ISIS and the American public, without ever tipping his hand. You were warned.

2. WKOW's Greg Neumann reported "wrecking ball" Walker got a good reception from the audience after saying he was a self made man. Is that even possible for a mediocre career politician, on the public dole, doing the bidding of monied corporate special interests? Self made huckster maybe.

3. Scarier still is one guys impression that Walker would appeal to the middle. God help us all.
First is WKOW's coverage, and second is Walker repeating his ISIS is like a computer virus:

Here's Neumann's second report and a few audience members opinions. Plus Walker's recent shopping trip to Kohls for the sweater he had on, and really old 20th century stories about his grand parents lack of indoor pluming. You know what, I had a few good shopping trips myself, and had to use an outhouse when I visited my grandfather's house in the 50's, BFD:

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