Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Walker just under 55% of the way to fulfill 250,000 Jobs Promise, as state drops to 38th for job creation.

Perhaps Scott Walker can do for the nation what he did for jobs in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin gained 27,491 private-sector jobs in the 12 months from September 2013 through September 2014, a 1.16% increase that ties Wisconsin with Vermont at a rank of 38 among the 50 states in the pace of job creation during that period. Economists consider Thursday's job creation figures, known as the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, to be the most credible and comprehensive available.
Is this what supply side success looks like?
Jobs figures for January that were released Tuesday complete the cycle on Walker's first term and shows how far the state fell short. Wisconsin reported … a gain of 137,400 over January 2011. That's just under 55% of the way to Walker's goal.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Current Employment Statistics report can be subject to large revisions … the BLS adjusted 2014 figures through a process called benchmarking … job estimates for 2014 were revised downward by as many as 25,800 jobs.

Since January 2011, Wisconsin has seen growth of 5.75 percent in private sector jobs, which trails the national average (9.12 percent) and neighbors Michigan (10.58 percent), Minnesota (6.74 percent) and Iowa (6.25 percent). Illinois had a lower growth rate in that time, 5.35 percent.


  1. There was a study out of the UW Econ dept in 2011 that said that WI should easily add 250K jobs if we have a normal recovery - thanks for f@!#ing that up Gov Walker!!!

    1. I ran the numbers, and it showed if we'd merely kept up with the rest of the country, we'd have added 222,000 in Walker's first term.

      Please proceed in talking an out your record, Scotty. Your record on wage growth is even worse