Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Conservative Judicial Activist Daley takes amateurish potshots at Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley.

Judge James Daley is right out of central right wing casting. He's a candidate for the state supreme court and a constitutional originalist, which makes him a conservative judicial activist. 

But as we all know, there's only one kind of activism that won't be tolerated; the liberal kind. Daley can't stop talking about the horrors of "liberal activism," while sternly declaring "the laws the law." Like all conservative activists, "the legislative branch should be free to do what it wants"...except when it comes to ObamaCare, Voting rights, EPA regulations, gay marriage...you know what I mean. It's their law or no law. We've seen that with the right wing attempts at nullification.

Judge Daley's conservative activism is so blatantly obvious in his very first campaign radio ad for Supreme Court Justice, that you're jaw will drop and laugh like I did. How dare someone oppose Scott Walker:

Check out Daley's appeared on WPT's Here and Now with Frederica Freyberg. His nonsensical attacks on Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, yup, she's a liberal judicial activist, are based on her dissenting decisions on voter ID and Act 10. Bradley had the gall to oppose Walker, and we also know the constitution is conservative, right?

Here's how the press release flipped the "personal political agenda" around, making it seem like Daley has no agenda at all. It's surreal beyond words:
The Daley for Wisconsin State Supreme Court campaign ... radio ad titled, “Undermining Reforms” which exposes the personal political agenda incumbent Ann Walsh Bradley has long-inserted into court actions.

“The case against Justice Ann Walsh Bradley is clear; whether it be trying to derail Act 10, obstruct Voter ID or other common-sense reforms, Bradley seemingly never passes on an opportunity to insert her personal political agenda into court decisions that impact Wisconsin,” said challenger Judge James Daley. “Wisconsin deserves a Supreme Court Justice who sets politics aside, and makes upholding the rule of law their priority.”

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