Thursday, March 5, 2015

Opposition to Right-to-Work Ignored by Desperate Republicans fighting "Sluggish" Wisconsin economy.

I've got a few selected video cuts that I feel should go on the record before right-to-work gets rammed down our throats by these know-it-all Walker Republicans.

Sen. Scott Fitzgerald openly and repeatedly admits Wisconsin is suffering a sluggish economy. That's a dramatically different message than the one our world touring governor Scott Walker is saying.

It also shows you how desperate Fitzgerald and the Republicans are right now, where they even have to throw right-to-work up against the wall. Video taken by the Devil's Advocates:

The next clip features audio from WPR and video from WPT's Here and Now. Shawn Johnson reports that Sen. Scott Fitzgerald said the cozy relationship between road contractors and union workers is driving up costs, which really means RTW will drive down costs. Here and Now's guest, former Republican representative John Gard (a guy I never agreed with), defended that good relationship between employer and employee, saying:
" that like a bad thing? It doesn't make sense as far as I'm concerned, from the standpoint employers and employee should not be in a constant state of combat. That is not productive...our per mile construction costs in Wisconsin is in the lowest 10 cost in the nation." 
Gard must have forgotten Walker's promise to "divide and conquer" the unions. He would like nothing more than to have that constant employer and employee battle:

From  Upfront with Mike Gousha, Democratic Rep. Peter Barca makes a great argument against right-to-work, while Rep. Robin Vos makes one dumb statement after the next, like:
"So one of the things I like to look at as we are going through this process; is right to work a good thing for Wisconsin? I believe it is."
Well, that's good enough for me. Or this gem:
"I would love to be Indiana..."
And we would love that you move there soon Robin:

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  1. Remember, the roadbuilders are paying Gard to say that. Let to his own opinion we woiuld all be getting minimum wages. Must be interesting pillow talk in the Gard manse, as his wife was just appointed to yet another high level admistrative job in the Walker regime.