Monday, December 3, 2012

Frank Luntz paid by Ryan to spread Media Propaganda on CBS and Fox News!

If liberals were anything like Republicans, our hair would be on fire. We would be bawling our heads off, whining for months on end, and outraged over the deceptive electioneering by a disgusting spokesperson of the party. But alas...we're not.

Pollster and word shifter Frank Luntz received campaign money from Paul Ryan to trash Joe Biden on CBS and Fox News. Oh, I'm sorry... "may have" bragged up Ryan for money. But how could we know? Facts cannot be believed if you read them at Media Matters:
CBS News political analyst Frank Luntz had a major undisclosed conflict of interest while appearing on the network. While Luntz used his pre-election platform on CBS to praise Rep. Paul Ryan, his consulting firm,Luntz Global LLC, received $40,000 in consulting and polling fees from Rep. Paul Ryan's congressional campaign.

On CBS, Luntz called Ryan a "very popular" congressman who could help Romney win Wisconsin. Luntz also used his CBS appearances to attack his client's vice presidential opponent. He claimed that Biden's debate performance was a turnoff to voters and suggested it showed that the Obama administration can't work with congress. Luntz made eleven CBS appearances to discuss the presidential campaign from September 24 -- when Luntz's firm first received a payment from Ryan -- through November. 
Isn't it just like the liberal socialists at Media Matters to make the facts looks so damning?

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