Friday, December 7, 2012

Florida Republicans trash education in state, botch Teacher Evaluation Results.

“Turning government over to a party that hates government results in bad government.”-me

Republicans can’t run government. That’s been the message over and over.

Gov. Scott Walker botched WEDC, had parts of Act 10 ruled unconstitutional, the voter ID law ruled unconstitutional, resulted in physical confrontations on our state supreme court, botched election results in Waukesha without ever firing anyone, botched high speed rail, allowed private medical transportation reel out of control with LogistiCare, etc.

In Florida, Republicans have botched their oversight of education over and over again. Republicans whine and complain about government because they’re so bad at it.

Here’s how they've botched the very system that educates our kids:
Tampa Bay Times: Florida's Department of Education on Wednesday rolled out the results of a sweeping new teacher evaluation system that is designed to be a more accurate, helpful and data-driven measure of how well teachers actually get students to learn. And then, within hours of releasing the data, the department pulled the numbers off its website and sheepishly admitted that much of it was wrong.

Bob Schaeffer, public education director for Fair Test, which opposes excessive testing. "The teacher evaluation system is ideologically driven and not ready for prime time . . . When you rush to put a shoddy system in place, you get ludicrous results."

The Florida Legislature approved the comprehensive new system and moved to implement it so quickly that it amounted to "trying to do something that's impossible to do at breakneck speed," he said.

It's not the first time the department has botched the release of important education data. Earlier this year, the department admitted to giving incorrect school grades to 200 schools, including some in Pinellas. Also, the state decided to toughen the FCAT writing test, but the Board of Education later decided to temporarily lower the passing mark for the test after conceding poor communication could have contributed to an unprecedented drop in writing scores.

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