Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Conservative Waukesha to regulate, discourage people from going downtown for community events.

Waukesha conservatives talk of small government and business friendly deregulation. But it’s just that, all talk.

Get a load of the business stifling big government regulations put in place by the Waukesha Common Council as a disincentive for people to go downtown. When it comes to resident enjoyment of their own city services, you gotta wonder why they even bother having a downtown in the first place:
Waukesha Patch: Special events held on city streets could get costly for the applicants if a proposed ordinance is approved by the Waukesha Common Council. "If the city deems that the event requires additional city personnel, equipment and services to address issues including but not limited to traffic control, security, clean up, sanitation and safety, the applicant shall pay the actual costs for the use of such personnel, equipment and services," according to a proposed ordinance.
You would have thought a celebration or two downtown would be met with open arms. Local businesses might enjoy a little extra foot traffic too. Instead city regulations will suffocate community get togethers like Freeman Friday Night Live, the Waukesha Christmas Parade and the Memorial Day Parade with fees and regulations. Merry Christmas!!!
A few aldermen and downtown stakeholders who want to see some limits to the street closures in Waukesha. A requirement that event applicants maintain commercial liability insurance.

Jeff Barta, who has publicly opposed the street closures for Freeman Friday Night Live, felt that fees for the use of public streets should coincide with fees for renting out parks. "I would hate to have incentives for people to use our streets instead of the parks. … Parks are for people, streets are for traffic," Barta said.
Wow, you don’t see a lot of main street businesses set up in parks. Not only that, but streets are for traffic…motorized and foot, to local businesses.

Real business friendly like, isn't it?

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