Thursday, December 27, 2012

Now Gun Nuts Say Map of Gun License Owners will Prompt Gun Robberies.

Republicans don’t like being held accountable. They like hiding in the shadows, lurking about, secretive and stealth. Anonymous and armed to the teeth, it would be unwise to cross them or use your First Amendment right in the wrong way, because then they’ll have to resort to intimidation and threats.

We saw that in the recall election in Wisconsin, where “Walker thugs” published the names of recall signers they targeted as enemies of the state. They use it now as a blacklist, to intimidate and smear the name of employees and public servants they want to discredit.

Now the paranoid conservative fringe is literally attacking reporters and their families in a way that doesn't come close to a recent article simply pointing out those who have gun licenses. The article didn't suggest retaliation against the list of owners, but if those licensed owners feel in vilifies them, then maybe it betrays their original intentions to intimidate everyone else.
A blogger upset with a New York newspaper’s decision to publish an interactive map of local gun permit holders has returned the favor by posting the names and addresses of nearly every employee at the publication. Blogger Christopher Fountain on For What It’s Worth published names, home address and email contact information for Journal News editor Cyndee Royle, publisher Janet Hasson and reporter Dwight Worley, who wrote an article on Sunday to accompany the map that led to widespread criticism aimed at the Lower Hudson Valley newspaper. "Miss Royle’s married name is Lambert,” Fountain wrote. “She lives in White Plains and here is her Facebook page complete with pictures of her and her kids. Hello Sanctimony.”
“Pictures of her and her kids…” is not just over the top, but a threat. And that is the true nature of conservatism.
Fountain also displayed contact information for Robert Rodriguez, the “visual editor” responsible for the map itself, as well as many other employees. Fountain, who did not immediately return a call seeking comment, told CNN he was offended by the newspaper’s “conflating legal gun owners with some crazed tormented devil up in Newtown” and wondered how its employees would handle the same treatment.

The Journal News, meanwhile, has defended publication of the database: “New York residents have the right to own guns with a permit and they also have a right to access public information.” 
That’s right, it’s public information. And it should be in every state. Here's Fox News shamelessly fanning the fire:

If you want to see how our of control our gun culture has gotten, check this: Guns in America: An interactive look at the shocking facts.

But one of the craziest reasons against the list
Most online comments have criticized the publication of the data, and many suggest it puts the permit holders in danger because criminals have a guide to places they can steal guns.
Really, I thought having a gun discouraged criminals? So having a gun is not a deterrent after all,  but another reason for home robberies? How about law abiding citizens who fear arming people:
CynDee Royle, editor and vice president/news: "People are concerned about who owns guns and how many of them there are in their neighborhoods," she said. "Our Freedom of Information request also sought specifics on how many and what types of weapons people owned. That portion of the request was denied."

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