Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Petty over-regulation by conservative school board zealots betray supposed “small government” rhetoric.

Wanna see just how ridiculous politically motivated school boards will be after doing away with collective bargaining? Apparently it's anything goes, like this example from Janesville:
Is Hogwarts next?
AP: Starting next year public schools in Janesville will start enforcing dress codes for teachers.

The new rules approved Tuesday say teachers won't be able to wear jeans, shorts, flip-flops or jogging suits. Nor can they wear clothes that are provocative, ragged or that allow undergarments to be visible.
Exposed undergarments? Really? Banning “jeans” sounds like something dredged up from the 50’s.
The policy calls for business or business-casual dress, which could include collared shirts, sweaters and casual slacks. Women may wear skirts, dresses, blouses and dress sandals.

Exceptions are allowed on school spirit days, casual Fridays and extremely hot days.

Employees such as physical-education teachers and maintenance workers are exempt.

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