Sunday, December 9, 2012

There is a Santa! Two Big Thank You’s to Steve Forbes

The first great greedy gift:
Steve Forbes Urges Boehner: No Tax Increases.
And what party's beholden to the wealthy elite? Beautiful. Newsmax had more.

The second great greedy gift:
Forbes: Republicans should "turn the tables on the White House debt ceiling proposal by passing a bill mandating that Social Security trust fund assets — now held in useless, non-negotiable IOUs from the Treasury — be converted to marketable Treasury bonds which should have been done decades ago." "The trust funds could just sell on the open market bonds to raise the cash to make payments. Those trust funds are supposed to have more than $2 trillion in reserves. Instead, they are loaded with phony, illiquid assets."
Few have admitted they can't wait to get the greedy little hands on that huge Social Security Trust fun. Forges just did. But Treasury bonds are “useless and phony?” Only if you don’t want to pay them back, and the rich like Forbes, don’t.  For 30 years the poor and middle class paid into the Social Security Trust Fund. This gave the government money to spend and kept taxes low on wealthier Americans. Now that the tables are turning and the Baby Boomers are retiring, the fund needs to be paid back, but the rich want to go back on the deal.  

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