Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Stuff Idea's! The Big Skinny Wallet and the Gorilla Door Gym.

Not only do I like to suggest home handyman idea's, I also get all caught up in the bizarre and interesting stuff that finds it's way into my email. Last year, I posted the beer cozy glove, and it's been popular ever since. The Original Sküüzi™

First, a new door exercise bar, that looks practical, well designed and fun. The product is not out yet, but they're taking preorders for January 2013:
Gorilla Door Gym: Installs in seconds, fun for hours: swing, box, pilates, abs, pullups, yoga. Bring the playground indoors. Get fit and entertain your kids.

And I found the Gorilla Door Gym shopping for the skinniest wallet in the world, Big Skinny. Hey, I've been sitting on a lump of wallet all my life, it's about time. And these guys have a sense of humor (full disclosure, I bought one):
Our nylon flat wallets are completely vegan and vegetarian too! For those that want a leather wallet we offer hybrid leather wallet models that feature top grain cowhide on the outside and our ultra-thin nylon micro-fiber on the inside doing all the work. We pride ourselves on our wide variety of skinny wallets for both men and women.

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  1. Good information on this wallet. It seems that more people are adapting towards a more minimalist approach to carrying them. Thanks for sharing this video.