Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sewer pipe lining a fix for root problems?

Okay, I'm a home owner whose dealt with sewer pipe problems for 16 years. Rooter services are costly, and the unpredictable nature of a plugged sewer line weighs heavily on a homeowners mind. Really.

Shifting soil breaks the clay piping, allow tree roots in that eventually plug up the pipe, creating an undesirable situation in the house when a toilet is flushed.

Older homes have this problem, ones built prior to the mid-70's.  But help is on the way with this great new technology:
Mount Pleasant Patch: Sewer lateral lining isn't sexy, but it is necessary. And for residents living in older homes, completing the work now can mean fewer headaches and lower water treatment bills down the road. Patch tagged along Thursday during a live demonstration of just how a sewer lateral lining works and learned more about why it's so important.

Cost is a combination of good and bad news since the price tag runs about $6,000, which is still a good chunk of change but is far cry from the $20,000 it could run using the old methods. Mount Pleasant is helping by contributing $2,000 off the price tag.

By itself, the lateral lining has a design life of 50 years, but Rick Gage from LMK Technologies said that when an o-ring sealant is used in strategic spots on the liner, that life increases to 66 years. "The technology just keeps getting better," Gage said.

A machine is sent down into the line to clean out roots and dirt and then a plastic-like material is used to coat the inside of the pipe. After the material cures, it will almost be as if a new, PVC pipe had been installed. Further, prices continue to come down so the lining repair could even be less than his estimates. 


  1. I would just call someone to help me if I had that problem. I would think that you would have enough saved up after 16 years to have the job done right.

    William | Calgary Sewer

  2. Mature trees sum up good looks and shade to landscape, but their roots be able comprehensive loss to sewer pipes. Roots grow into the pipes because they are like it there! Sewer pipes contain nutrients, water and oxygen-the necessary weather for trees to grow.

    For more info: Tree roots in sewer line and Roots in sewer line

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  4. Does the root cleaning process affect the trees negatively? It seems like larger trees would be able to handle it. Is there any data on cost savings through this process? It would help to justify the $6,000 spent to install it.It might be a great deal.

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  7. All of this new technology is unreal. Think of all the sewage problems that are going to be avoided with the new liners! And to think they really last 66 years.. incredible!

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