Monday, December 17, 2012

Walker's Private Sector Business Men Screw up, Lose Millions to other Private Sector Business Men.

The private sector is so perfect, nothing ever goes wrong there, unless government steps in. So why not put the private sectors guys in charge of government? What could go wrong?

Surprisingly, right wing talk show hosts haven't said a word or gone ballistic over the discovery of millions of taxpayer dollars being wasted on crony business friends taking handouts from the Walker administration.

Solyndra got a lot of play for going bankrupt, but when companies in Wisconsin stiffed the state in bankruptcy, not a peep from conservative voters. Amazing?
WSJ: Independent auditors reviewing the state's top jobs agency found a number of serious problems with its financial practices … The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation … Auditors also estimated that the agency will not be able to collect about $19 million of its $51 million in loans. That includes about $15 million in forgivable loans, as well as another $4 million that are uncollectible.

Those uncollectible loans include overdue loans and loans that have resulted in a collection agreement. They said the problem wasn't because of any misconduct they uncovered, but rather because the agency — which lost more than 80 percent of its staff when it was created from the old Department of Commerce — didn't allocate the time or personnel needed to keep track of the money it had loaned Wisconsin businesses.

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