Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More "Low Road" Rage by Media Trackers, who wants a break from Nations Shocked Outrage over Newtown Tragedy!

Brian Sikma, the sick son-of-a-bitch who wrote the following vacuous trash for Media Trackers, couldn’t have been crasser condescending to those who demand “domestic tranquility,” and aren't getting it with gun lunacy.

This low life started out blasting One Wisconsin Now, for blaming pro-gun, constitutional carry/no regulation zealots and the NRA for the gun crisis. Dah, you think? But Sikma is so sensitive to the rights of gun hobbyists:
Even as the details were still being made public about the Connecticut school shooting tragedy last Friday, one liberal Wisconsin group was going all out to politicize the event. Without so much as an expression of condolence for the survivors and families of the slain victims, One Wisconsin Now and its executive director, Scot Ross, engaged in profanity laced rants about Republican office holders, suggesting the shooting was a result of their positions on gun issues.
Unlike Sikma, normal Americans were profoundly shaken by the events in Newtown, and weren't going to take it anymore:
Following the tragedy, the group asked their supporters on Facebook to “bomb” U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R – Wisconsin) with phone calls on the matter of gun control. The violent theme of the request was jarring in the context of the unbelievable loss of life.
Insensitive or ginned up phony outrage by Sikma? Sikma continued to careen down the low road by supposedly “setting aside” a time for reflection, which in conservative world means give us time to fill the media with bullshit so nothing gets done. I don’t remember Sikma’s outrage over Republican trash talk about Benghazi just moments after the tragedy:
Policy debates will come in the wake of the killing spree as elected officials and citizens look to prevent a repeat of the tragedy. But on the day of the tragedy it would have been utterly appropriate for both sides of the gun debate to set aside their thoughts, their opinions, and offer the deepest and most sincere condolences to those suffering. Immediately using for political purposes the suffering and heartache of an entire community looking for comfort amidst a heart wrenching tragedy is classless and disrespectful.
Media Trackers and Sikma ride the low road often, but this, at the expense of 20 first graders, is their lowest. 

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