Monday, December 17, 2012

Yes, they're this crazy: Michigan Republicans Just Passed Law Allowing Conceal Guns in Schools, preventing Schools from stopping them.

Who’s destroying America? The Republicans and it’s literally killing us.

Another example of extremely bad judgment and poor governing; Michigan legislators, in a flurry of gotcha lame duck legislation, passed a law allowing guns in schools.

Now that’s freedom. But…
The massacre in Newton, Conn. has prompted Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) to consider vetoing legislation allowing concealed weapons in schools. “We’re looking at the whole situation due to Connecticut,” the governor told the Associated Press. He said it’s possible he could veto the legislation. “The shooting gives you clear cause to say, would this be appropriate?”
Yes, very thoughtful. Let’s take a moment to think about allowing concealed guns in schools. A real stumper for conservatives.

Gun drooling Republicans thought this was a good idea:
Under this legislation, gun owners with extra training could carry concealed firearms in schools. Private property owners would be free to ban guns on their land; public schools would not. 
Democrats should write legislation banning the use of Republicans in political office, ya think? 

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