Monday, December 10, 2012

State Sen. Neal Kedzie's Son Learned a lot from Dad: Lie and blame Democrats.

This amazing story of victimhood demonstrates how pathetically desperate Republicans have become, and how their sons and daughters have been trained to hate Americas liberal traitors.
The son of Republican State Sen. Neal Kedzie is asking Whitewater police to suspend their investigation into an attack last October. Sean Kedzie was allegedly attacked in his front yard Oct. 19. He told police he was attacked around bar time by two men who were stealing a Mitt Romney for president sign from his yard.
Here’s where the story goes off the rails with one lie after the next:
He told police he knew who one of his attackers was, but investigators said they were unable to turn up any evidence during the questioning of the suspected attacker and witnesses. According to police documents, Kedzie told police his attackers used expletives towards Romney and said "Go Obama" during the attack.

But a neighbor who said he saw and heard the whole incident told police he heard no one say anything political or even the names of presidential candidates, according to the documents. The witness told police he heard one of the attackers say something along the lines of, "You shouldn’t have picked a fight with two guys."
You’ll love this excuse:
Kedzie said that neighbor was far enough away that it was unlikely he heard everything in the fight. Kedzie asked police last Tuesday to suspend the investigation. Kedzie said Monday that he stands by his story 100 percent and believes the attack was politically motivated.
Here's Channel3000's report:

And so Sean Kedzie's 15 minutes of wasted fame never really panned out for himself.

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