Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Piers Morgan, Honest Media Hero!

While the media treats gun crazy spokespeople as “the other side of the story,” CNN’s Piers Morgan is having none of it. I’m with him. We've seen how concealed carry in all 49 states has worked out, and how it’s “protected” us. Oddly, it can only really work if every single American had a gun, and that's not going to happen.

These constitutional carry fanatics now using the tactic of intimidation and fear to force everyone else to arm themselves. Nothing shouts freedom and liberty like coercion. But that’s what betrays their intentions and the weakness of their position.

So the only guy treating these miscreant gun puppet pundits the right way is Piers Morgan. Sure he calls them idiot’s and stupid, but but that's because they are.   

Politico does it’s “media neutral” worst to take both sides, when there’s only one side making any sense.
In a heated debate last night, Morgan called Larry Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America, "dangerous," "stupid" and an "idiot." Morgan showed no tolerance whatsoever for the argument, voiced by many pro-gun conservatives, that shootings could be prevented if everyone carried a firearm. Morgan seemed genuinely angered at Pratt's worldview .... For those who support gun control, the video is worth watching in full, and will no doubt come as a comfort. For those who oppose gun control and believe they're not getting a fair shake in the mainstream media, the video provides them with evidence that they're right.
Actually, they’re getting what is long overdue, the truth:

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  1. If only US citizens had the sensibility that this man has.
    Piers is right on about guns. Not only assault and automatic guns, but hand guns should be banned.
    We as human beings need to end the production and manufacture of guns worldwide .