Thursday, December 13, 2012

Where's Fox News now on Video Fight with Union Member in Michigan.

While conservative talk radio played up another possibly false and edited video as "real," the story took an ugly but honest turn for the teabillies.

Provocateur and Fox News comedian Steven Crowder got caught in another Breitbart inspired video lie. He was with the Americans for Prosperity thugs in Michigan, taunting union members about right-to-work. The plan was to cause trouble. 

I didn't post this story originally because let's face it, everything from the right has been phonied up for immediate impact. But now that I know just a little bit more, thanks to this video interview on Canada's  Sun News, you can now see a Michigan union member get pushed to the ground by... well, that push came from Crowder’s direction. Surprise surprise. 

Confirmed; Crowder admits he pushed union members, thus causing the union guy in the video to fall, who then got up and slugged Crowder. I admit, I would have pretty much done the same thing. These smug truly clueless dunderheads don’t really seem to understand anything else. It’s insulting to think they think were that stupid. They want to freeload off the hard work of union representatives.

Even more insulting is the fact that these freeloaders think middle class Americans should just roll over, and not fight back. Having lived through the 60's war protests, these teatards don't have any idea of what's coming, and it is.

Check out the push, fist fight and admission. Hey, Crowder really is a comedian:

From Crowder’s own words, in this smug, self-aggrandizing interview with Canada’s Fox News imitation, Sun News. The thing about dimwits like Crowder is that if you let them keep talking long enough, they’ll eventually out themselves. They can’t help it.


  1. And if you watch the unedited tape..when you will see that union members were also helping to cut the tent up to get to the people inside. The AFP people themselves were loosening the tent in HOPE something would happen. Shades of James O'Keefe.....

  2. What a bunch of punk fascists. About time they get clocked.