Sunday, December 9, 2012

Conservative Media ignores Liberal outlets to the detriment of their audience.

A quick note; conservative media of all kinds has become so isolated and insulated from reality, that their blackout of liberal media mentions and references cuts off their audiences access to alternative viewpoints.

Their audience is unaware of the facts and failures of their party's positions, not to mention the eventual out-of-pocket costs of those policies. Things keep getting worse for them, just like their media con men have promised, even though it's their parties rigid and deceptive idea's that are at fault.

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  1. It's what's called the "right wing echo chamber," and it even worked on Romney's pollsters and Karl Rove. They had been fed their own internal spin for so long they actually believed it. It was a real treat to see Turdblossom completely lose it when confronted with the cold reality of facts.