Monday, December 10, 2012

Walker's Pay-to-Play Government of the FUTUUUUURE!

Pay to play under Scott Walker will soon be the official way things get done in this state. With a wave of his hand and simple statement of denial, Walker will get away with this bit of corruption too. After all, if you need something done your way, at least your best contributor friends won’t let you down, right?

WKOW-Tony Galli: WHEDA officials delayed disbursement of $1 million to a company selected in a state contract process, until the company can verify it followed federal, conflict-of-interest rules. Capital Midwest Fund II will have to show it adheres to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules to protect against "pay-to-play."

Fund manager Stephen Einhorn won the contract one month after Einhorn and his wife, Nancy, contributed a total of $25,000 to Governor Walker's campaign to stop his recall. Walker appoints WHEDA's executive director and eight of its twelve member board.
Here’s the rule:
SEC rules adopted in 2010 "prohibit an advisor from providing advisory services for compensation - either directly or through a pooled investment vehicle - for two years, if the adviser or certain of its executives or employees make a political contribution to an elected official who is in a position to influence the selection of the adviser."
And the “proof” Walker committed no wrong doing? He said so:
A spokesperson for Governor Walker told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel politics played no role in WHEDA's selection of Einhorn's company. 
That's good enough for me?

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