Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Things First, Democrats to Repeal Voter ID Law in New Hampshire.

Well, what do you know, the Democrats are on the offensive in New Hampshire. Hell must have frozen over.
NHPR: A group of Democratic lawmakers want to repeal the voter ID requirements implemented under Republican leadership. Current law requires that voters be asked for photo identification at the polls, but does not require they have one to cast a ballot. The bill stands a good chance of making it through the new Democratic majority in the House. And a spokesman for Governor-elect Maggie Hassan says she believes the voter ID requirements were quote-misguided. The biggest hurdle will likely be in the Republican-led Senate, but Horrigan says he is confident he can get the votes needed to repeal the law.

Tim Horrigan, a Durham Democrat, says there is no evidence that a problem exists. “There’s this whole theory about voter impersonation. I understand why it’d be bad if people were going around impersonating voters, but it’s simply not happening.”