Monday, December 10, 2012

Sure Ending Same Day Registration will cost Taxpayer $5 million, and then $2 million every two years after. It’s all about Political Power, not saving money.

The numbers are in, and Scott Walker is about to add another expense to future budgets with his call for ending same day registration. How else can you retain political power if you don’t spend a lot of taxpayer money conservative voters don’t mind spending.
WSJ: Repealing the Wisconsin law that allows voter registration on Election Day would cost the state election agency about $5.2 million right away, and another roughly $1.9 million every two years after that, while also preserving some Election Day registration, according to a preliminary report from a state committee.

That's because two federal voting laws would kick in requiring implementation of a long list of federal registration procedures … Because the state enacted a same-day registration law in 1975, it is now exempt from the federal mandates.

Gov. Scott Walker … said Election Day registration causes problems for municipal clerks. But a spokesman for the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks' Association has said the group opposes any change.

Federal voter registration laws … would require millions of dollars in expenditures, much of it for required mailings to voters, said Reid Magney, spokesman for the Government Accountability Board. "In the context of our (roughly $7 million annual) budget, that's huge," Magney said. "We would need additional funding."

Federal laws would continue to allow Wisconsin residents to register changes of address or name on Election Day if they haven't moved to a new municipality, the report states. Up to 15 percent of Wisconsin voters register just before voting, and it's not clear how many of those are address changes. In a few weeks, the committee plans to issue a final report with more detail, including estimated costs for other state agencies.

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