Friday, December 21, 2012

We're waiting breathlessly for the gun lobby statement on national policy?

We really are controlled by these groups. Guess what, they've got nothing, no solutions, just the same old tired arguments. It's always someones else's fault. We're now giving valuable media time for the NRA's propaganda.

Perhaps it'll backfire and portray the NRA as an advocate of gun manufacturers everywhere, and a radical fringe group rotting away at our civil society.

Think about what they're saying; gun free zones and no gun signs are just signally soft targets for armed Americans intent on killing, so the best way to fight that...arm yourself? This is the spread of guns through intimidation. Period:
jsonline: "There have been over 400,000 people killed with guns the past 15, 17 years. That's a lot of people.”
Oh, and four people were killed in Benghazi blah, blah, blah….

Here's an edited for time video of LaPierre's self promoting, aggrandizing and gratuitous press conference. This guy truly has some major mental issues:

NRA's Wayne LaPierre pushes armed security in our public schools, because well, guns have apparently made us safer.

NRA will provide the National Schools Shield Emergency Response program. 

We're populated by a nation filled with unknown monsters...fear mongering?

Who will ever forget where they were
when they heard about this
completely insane proposal?
A database of the mentally ill, but not gun owners...or ATF statistics.

LaPierre blames media and video games for reckless use and mass killings. 

Instead of resources directed at education,  we now need to focus on armed security spending in our schools. Brilliant.

One tweet suggested we do away with public schools.

Chris Hayes tweeted the first person killed in Newtown was a gun owner, and mother, of the killer. 

Fox News bails on topic, renews focus on attack of Libyan embassy...again.

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