Saturday, December 22, 2012

Newtown Massacre Prompts call to Arm Teachers or Else?

MSNBC's Michael Smerconish talked to what believe is your typical conservative.

In fact, this exemplifies the side of the aisle where such lunacy is born, and why we need to start recognizing this problem if we're really serious about giving guns to the mentally ill.

In an interview that I still find hard to believe, right wing author Steve Siebold would even go as far as taking his kids out of a school where a teacher refused to carry a gun. That's the future we want for our kids?

Siebold isn't alone. Here's the reaction in Milwaukee, from the jsonline:

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the NRA's news conference was "filled with self-denial." Referring to LaPierre, Barrett said: "He did not talk about armed guards at Sikh temples, or at salons, or at bowling alleys, or at playgrounds or other places where we have seen massacres in this country."

The NRA's statements mirrored those in an essay Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wrote; Stationing armed and tactically trained law enforcement officers or security guards in all schools is not a cure-all, but it needs to be the first step, Clarke said. "I don't think there's any logical debate that doesn't include armed police officer or security and allowing citizens to play a role in their own protection," he said.
But doesn't the following statement make more sense?
"Putting a gun in every school means we're in constant fear and students lose that safe haven," said Derek Pipkorn, an eighth-grade math teacher at Lincoln Intermediate School in West Allis.

Here's Ed Schultz with a wrap of NRA's top gun salesman Wayne LaPierre, and where the real blame lies. The NRA announced it was the beginning of a real conversation they won't be taking media questions for...check out the NRA's video game, "NRA Gun Club":

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