Saturday, April 16, 2011

Todays Tea Party Protest in Pictures....

This is about the size of the Palin rally, give or take a few anti-Walker protesters shuffling back and forth from their rally on the other side of the Capitol.

This is an EARLY picture of the anti-Walker rally, and I should know, I video taped it. The walkway up to the Capitol was filled. Of course most of us went to see the "accident," with Andrew Breitbart, superstar Vicki McKenna and Sarah Palin.

And here's my favorite costumed protester, reflecting the world in which our Humpty Dumpty Governor lives, and a poster of Sarah Palin at her finest:


Anonymous said...

Yay - another "win" for our team! Caribou Barbie - Go Home!

Anonymous said...

Give or take a few protesters?Did I read that right?uh, there couldn't have been more than 500 teapartiers,Run out of short busses to charter?Those other 7,000?Those are US.She was destroyed today.Don't think she'll be comingn back to Wisconsin anytime soon.Nice try claiming it was Palin supporters.Did you forget some of us were there?