Friday, April 22, 2011

GOP Lackey and Talk Host Charlie Sykes argues for Ryan Tax Cut on Wealthy, Loses Argument with Conservative Listeners.

One of the more sane conservative talk hosts on the radio today, Charlie Sykes, tried desperately to make his case to his loyal listeners, by defending Paul Ryan's plan to lower the top tax rate from 35 to 25 percent. He failed. Not only did his first two callers argue for a logical tax increase for the top 1 percent, but they also understood they were unfairly being asked to bear the financial burden, which didn't sit well with Sykes. You can fool some of the people....

One important note to Sykes: It's time to do away with the old argument that if you like paying taxes, you should send the IRS more than you owe. In the fact based universe, everybody knows that the overpayment would either be sent back, or credited to your next years tax obligation.

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