Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Republican Party of Wisconsin accuses Democrats of "tricking," "harassing," "intimidating," "confusing" recall signers into denial. Fire their writers.

Here's the next "big whopper" from the Republican Party of Wisconsin: 
The Democrat Party of Wisconsin is using a fraudulent tactic to harass and intimidate constituents … targeted for harassment people who signed recall petitions against Senator Hansen … using a fake phone number and caller ID that showed up on phones as “Bay Care Aurora,” a well-known Green Bay area medical center … they were told they were speaking with a Democrat Party of Wisconsin operative, and were questioned about signing a petition to recall Hansen. 
First the caller ID is correct, not fake as claimed in the press release. I actually called Bay Care Aurora. The number is an inactive one at the medical center. So right away, WISGOP is lying. Here’s where it gets insanely...dumb (the best word I could come up with):
“It’s disgusting that the Dems would use a fake call from a hospital to trick people into answering their phones – only so they could harass and intimidate them into saying they did not sign a recall petition,” said Mark Jefferson, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. 
Can we really trick and harass recall signers into…denial? Really? It's that easy? But the cheesy story line didn’t stop there:
“People who received that call may have feared the worst – an unexpected call from a hospital can bring terrible news about a loved one. The Democrats’ intent was obviously to confuse and upset people, hoping they would be disoriented and easily tricked into saying they had not signed a recall petition. 
Did anyone know Republican could be so easily tricked and disoriented into recanting their participation in recalling a Democrat? I called my very conservative gun toting friend in Milwaukee and asked him if he would deny ever signing a recall petition for a Democrat. His first reaction; "I wouldn't tell you." His second reaction, "Are you kidding." 
Dave Hansen’s political career may be coming to an end because he fled to Illinois, but that doesn’t excuse this cruel, desperate tactic.”
Here’s their proof, a photo at their web site of what they claim is a fake caller ID name and phone number. 

To be honest, I too received an intimidating call by someone who said they were an operative of WISGOP, who forced me to deny I ever was a liberal, and denounce Capitol protesters as thugs. I've got proof. Here's the fake caller ID and number:


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