Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WIBA's "Superstar" Vicki McKenna turns on yesterdays 9/11 heroes, who are todays piñatas. "You filthy rotten scoundrels...lousy rotten people."

WIBA's should be pleased with their "superstar" afternoon talk host, so named by the state tea party, Vicki McKenna. Hell, any advertiser would be proud to place their ads right next to a McKenna rant ripping into our front line responders, like the police and firefighters. It my be worth the risk to be associated with the smoke breathing bloviator. I say risky, because who knows when they might be the next target.

McKenna even accuses the Madison Fire Fighters Local 311 of disrupting the tea party rally with thugs, culminating into a bomb threat of her radio station. If I'm not mistaken, what she is saying is illegal. We shall see.

WTDY's Sly in the Morning exposes the McKenna with her own words, and gets Madison Fire Fighters Local 311's Joe Conway to respond:


  1. You can see neither the snake NOR the wolf tattoo in that picture.

  2. Madison's firefighters weren't yesterday's 911 heroes.

    I was in Madison on Saturday and they're a bunch of cowardly thugs that harass women and honest taxpayers when they want to express their right of free speech.

    New York is lucky they didn't have to rely on this group on 911.

  3. Union freaks in Madison have nailed their own coffins shut, and not only in Madison, but nation-wide. Thanks 'Heroes'