Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Radio Host Nicole Sandler Arrested at Listening Session, for asking Tea Party Authoritarian Rep. Allen West a tough question.

Rep. Allen West is nothing short of scary. Past comments:
Colorlines: West cited the movies “300” and “The Last Samurai” while instructing a conservative women’s group on their role in society, which he said is to raise strong men. “We need you to come in and lock shields, and strengthen up the men who are going to fight for you. To let these other women know on the other side — these planned Parenthood women, the Code Pink women, and all of these women that have been neutering American men and bringing us to the point of this incredible weakness — to let them know that we are not going to have our men become subservient.” He blamed “the events that are occurring all across Africa and the Middle East” on the “joke” and weakness of Obama’s presidency.
At a“listening session,” West valiantly fought off public dissent by not…listening.  For Republicans, not listening is a badge of honor, and a defiant "stick to your guns" attitude that plays up the authoritarian character of the party. For instance, West arrogantly told the crowd in the video below, there are three things he must have; 
“That is my honor, that is my character, and that is my integrity. And there are people who don’t want to face the truth.”

The tea party and Republicans are keepers of "the truth," which means they don't have to compromise, or listen to the other side. Talk radio host Nicole Sandler, who regularly fills in for Randi Rhodes, was arrested at a "Tea Party" session West held in Fort Lauderdale, for asking a question. From BradBlog
As reported by the Palm Peach Post today: The meeting marked the first time hecklers disrupted one of [West's] presentations, the first time an audience member got arrested (liberal radio talker and Air America alum Nicole Sandler) and the first time West passed up direct questions from the audience in favor of written ones. West said the new format wasn’t an attempt to dodge tough questions.
He's right there. He wants to dodge all questions, those that question his authority. It's so...tea party.

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