Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walker to go easy on Robber Barons, who'll get their way on combined reporting.

Sly in the Morning got to the bottom of Gov. Walker's plan to go easy on corporate profits in the state, quietly, behind the scenes. 

Democrats last session passed some very popular legislation that ended a tax loophole for corporations that used out-of-state subsidiaries to dodge Wisconsin taxes. It is commonly referred to combined reporting. It looked like Governor Walker & State Republicans were planning to repeal the law but Citizen Action has learned that through new provisions at the Department of Revenue, they might take the power away to enforce it. 
Robert Kraig from Citizen Action of Wisconsin let's us in on this tricky maneuver that allows Walker to give back to his corporate friends without paying the political consequences.ate friends without paying the political consequences.
Hear the interview here.

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