Thursday, April 21, 2011

Conservative Radio Wind Bagger Vicki McKenna to Madison; "You don't deserve to be the Capitol city."

After convincing herself the police and fire departments are no longer protecting conservatives, Americans for Prosperity's WIBA radio superstar Vicki McKenna believes Madison doesn't deserve to be the Capitol city. "People in state government need to start taking a serious look at this," said the smoke torn voice of conservative listener rage.

I was there, video taping parts of the event, and had no threats against me by either firefighters or law enforcement officials.

But aggression and entitlement by tea party attendees was something I did see. Twice while video taping the stage and protest signs, I was told to move. Apparently I blocked their view, even though I was moving constantly through the crowd. In all the time I spent protesting, from 7 to 10 days the month before, never once was someone worried about not seeing their superstar attendees. Not once was I asked to move. It was odd reaction when you consider the small size of the crowd.

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