Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Small Government Republicans MY ASS!!! Walker administration attempting public and COMMERCIAL building code takeover.

The new Kingdom of Wisconsin’s administration has found another way to expand what is already breathtaking power:
LaCrosseTribune: Proposed legislation that would limit municipalities to state building codes for public and commercial construction could seriously weaken local control and safety, La Crosse officials warned Tuesday …(in) a resolution opposing the bill. 
Senate Bill 32, by Republican state Sens. Terry Moulton, Dale Schultz, Glenn Grothman and Robert Cowles, would prohibit local governments from exceeding the international building code for construction, repair and maintenance of these buildings, unless they receive state approval. 
A call to Moulton’s office Tuesday on the reasons behind the bill was not returned.
In La Crosse, 
...metal framing rather than wood — to better prevent fire from spreading among the more densely packed buildings. It’s also a matter of local control, “whether you or any community wants Madison to decide what they’re going to do,” Fire Chief Gregg Cleveland said.
Remember when Republicans complained, hell Walker is still making the argument, that Madison shouldn't be calling the shots when it comes to maintaining local control.

Except when the Capitol turns conservative.

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