Friday, April 22, 2011

Recall Challenger Clark's press conference disrupted by Olsen support "thugs."

As much as we continue to hear how wine sipping liberal "thugs" are trashing the Capitol, and union cops and firefighters are harassing conservative protesters/calling in bomb threats, the peaceful Republican voter continues to cause chaos wherever they go. Coincidence? 

Here's what happened at a simple serene press conference to announce a Democratic challenger to Republican Sen. Luther Olsen. Keep in mind, according to the Olsen campaign, THERE WAS NO DISTURBANCE
Baraboo News Republic: A group of Olsen supporters holding signs barged into the press conference and disrupted the event, shouting at Clark as he spoke. The counter-rally was announced in a press release from Olsen's campaign Wednesday afternoon. Rep. Fred Clark said Luther Olsen has failed to push for compromise and has not attended listening sessions in his district.
There's more on this peaceful press conference, where there was NO DISTURBANCE
WSJ: Tensions were high and one man’s camera was busted in Baraboo on Thursday as supporters of Republican Sen. Luther Olsen — who is facing recall — disrupted a press conference organized by Democrats. As Sauk County social worker Jill Ellinwood introduced Clark at the podium, a few of Olsen’s supporters forced their way into the packed room and the groups traded insults. Clark took the podium, and during a pause in Clark’s speech a tussle broke out in the back of the room. 
Chuck Goranson of Portage said he was trying to take a picture when one of the Olsen supporters “reached up and grabbed the lens and twisted it.”
Of course, THERE WAS NO DISTURBANCE, nothing actually happened, completely ignore all the above details. It's just a fabricated cooked up to make Luther Olsen look bad.
Olsen’s campaign spokesman, Jeff Weigand, denied that his group caused a disturbance inside the Civic Center. “I was there myself,” Weigand said. “There was no disturbance." 
Move along, nothing to see here....THERE WAS NO DISTURBANCE!!! But the evil anti-Republican forces are sticking to their fabricated lie:
Clark said, “We certainly knew there was going to be a rally for Sen. Olsen, and that’s fine … But I hoped they’d be more respectful than that.”
Can't you just read between the lines.

Here's Rep. Fred Clark, Olsen's challenger, commenting on the "DISTURBANCE" with WTDY's Sly in the Morning:" 


  1. Hard to believe that with all the flipcams, Iphones, etc. in the world these days that nobody caught it on video. Anyone have it?

  2. Makes you wonder if it actually happened, huh?