Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sen. Frank Lasee Returns to Capitol, along with Fear Mongering Lies.

Having done a few complete radio shows with Frank Lasee at WIBA 1310, he was my conservative counterpart, I found his openness to debate and lose gracefully a worthy trait (he thought he won, typical huh?). Because I was still on his email list, and since then he’s become a state senator, he fired of this Bizarro World interpretation of the very civil, family attended protests at the Capitol:
Imagine you had hundreds, if not thousands, of angry people screaming and yelling at you. That’s what happened to Republican Senators (the Fugitive 14 were in Illinois) on March 9th at about 6:30 in the evening after our vote in the Senate. We had to be escorted out of the Senate Chambers by police because of the danger.
Wow, those working families supporting firefighters, police, city, county and state workers are soooo threatening. I would feel much safer in a crowd of gun toting Second Amendment protesters than try to "sneak" out of the Capitol past a group of frustrated teachers.

What I've found over the years is that those nightmare scenarios, supposedly carried out by the Democratic Party and brought up by Republican lawmakers, are all things the GOP does when their in power. Whatever they "project" on us, they are actually doing themselves, right Frank? Spell it out for us:

Judges who can fairly and accurately interpret the laws and the constitution as written are very important to a free and prosperous people ... Judges should accurately read and apply the law as written. If we go down this path, as I believe we have for years, we will end up with a state and country where decisions are not made by what the law says. Instead laws will be made by judges who make decisions based on how they feel and how much they think they can get away with.

Phrases like "'accurately' interpret the laws as," "accurately read," "we have for years," "instead laws will be made by judges," and "how much they think they can get away with" are all part of a nefarious scheme cooked up by "whiny" liberals? If that were true, then it must have been a liberal court that decided...Citizens United...the Bush election in 2000...?

Wow, I'm going to have to talk to "my union boss" about that.

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