Thursday, April 28, 2011

Professional Recall outfit from out of state suspicious, can't be trusted says local group. Won't merge signatures.

This amazing turn of events says a lot about the Republican efforts to recall local a few Democrats.
WSJ: Organizers of a locally based recall effort against Sen. Mark Miller, D-Monona, announced Thursday they will not merge their signatures with a Utah-based recall effort and that, consequently, their effort is dead. Jeff Horn of DeForest, the lead organizer of the local recall effort, said the local effort came up 268 signatures short
The group could legally merge its signatures with a still-open effort to recall Miller by the American Recall Coalition, an offshoot of Americans Against Immigration Amnesty in Salt Lake City. But Horn said he's become increasingly suspicious of the motives of the Utah group's leader, Dan Baltes, and wants nothing to do with him or his organization.
You won’t believe the kind of guy the Republican Party brought in to do their dirty work.
The Greater Phoenix Tea Party recently accused Baltes of running a scam in which he promised to bring in conservative commentator Glenn Beck in exchange for $350 VIP tickets but never delivered. Last week, Deseret News, a Salt Lake City newspaper, reported Baltes spent 10 years in the Idaho prison system from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s for grand theft, forgery and writing bad checks. 
Horn said he's concerned that Baltes' interest in trying to recall Miller and other Democratic state senators was merely a scheme to get donations. "We really question his values and integrity," Horn said. 
Horn, in his dealings with the Utah-based coalition, said he learned the group has "very few" local volunteers or signatures.
Horn should be compliment for staying clear of this out of state thief. 

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