Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Conservative Radio Talker Attacks Walker Protesters at the Capitol. "We had seen our house defiled...this was an opportunity to cleanse it."

WTMJ radio's James T. Harris is not a logical man, but he is partisan and controversial, and that's what makes him so wonderfully transparent. His bluster is a survival mechanism that counteracts all the forces that threaten his narrow upside-down vision of the world. On WTDY's Sly in the Morning, Harris actually questions why anti-Walker protesters would "crash"  the Palin tea party rally, instead of staying on "their side" of the Capitol. Who would have thunk it? 

This PAID shill for the Koch brothers agenda would not let it go either, adding to his disgust the fiction of thuggery, vandalism and condescension to those lazy no counts who protested while conservatives had to trudged off to work. The shame. 

When presented with a statement from the Wisconsin Professional Police Association that tea partiers were verbally attacking firefighters and police officers at the Americans for Prosperity rally, Harris simply called it a lie. End of story. How simple was that?


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