Saturday, April 23, 2011

Walker says we’ll forget all of this someday, and just be glad we have a job! Now that's disaster capitalism!

The party of sociopathic politics is still trying to convince the rabble, us, that this austere vision of the future is really the norm, and not that over promised liberal "utopia."  

For Gov. Scott Walker, labor that organizes into a union, or any other kind of group, is somehow unfair and unjust to business fiefdoms. What else would explain the following bizarre behavior: 
WSJ: Walker blames labor unions for the polarization — for saying that he is attacking public workers.
“They’ve (unions) overplayed their hand to the point that as time goes by and people realize you know what, the world didn’t come to an end,” 
Nice misdirection play. It’s not the end of the world people are worried about; it’s the eventual lowering of wages, benefits and employee freedoms we know are next. The slow imperceptible whittling away of incomes and benefits won’t be blamed on Walker’s policies, even though those policies will have started the decline of the middle class in Wisconsin.

Walker is even counting on no one noticing.
Walker said he believes things will settle down when the public sector cuts are put “in the right context” with private sector job losses and benefit cuts that have already taken place — “when people start to realize talking to others outside of government how much more people pay (for benefits) and how it’s not viewed as being outrageous and they’re just glad to have a job.”
This is twisted down the rabbit hole logic, where bringing everybody down to the private sector job losses and benefit cuts is "in the right context.” It's a state of mind where paying more for benefits is not outrageous, and after all is said and done, you’re “just glad to have a job.”

Now that’s disaster capitalism.

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