Sunday, April 17, 2011

And so far, where are the jobs? “Job Creators” did nothing since 2001. Tea Party Republicans want to go back to that, in servitude to big business

Servitude to big business. That's what we're hearing over and over now, and like any propagandist game, many will believe that's all that's left for them.
The cartoon below hit just the right frustrating note with me:

On that same topic, the slimiest new member of Congress, talking point wiz Tom Graves, tried like hell to defend those mythical “job creators,” the ones we must now bow in servitude to:
MediaMatters/Politicalcorrection: Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) made a rookie mistake. In a shoddy attempt to deflect a question pointing to the lack of jobs created by Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, Graves tried to blame President Obama for recent job loss — all of it. Graves claimed that "massive job loss" in America "began in about 2008, and I believe that was under President Obama." 
When host Contessa Brewer pointed out the severe job losses beginning in 2001, Graves insisted that was not accurate. Graves is, of course, wrong. Not only were jobs lost in every single month in 2001, but economists also point to nearly eight million American jobs lost on the GOP's watch. President Obama has worked to reverse monthly job losses, overseeing 13 consecutive months of private-sector job creation.

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