Thursday, April 21, 2011

UPDATE: Called off!!! Prosser NOT fighting Legal Right to Recount...he does know the law, finally?

UPDATE: Prosser has decided not to challenge recount. Think the explanation below might have had something to do with it?

We’ve heard it all before; the liberals are using the courts to delay the legislative will of the people. But wait, that’s projection, and not remotely true.

Sure the Democrats are calling into question the legality of the process that passed limits on collective bargaining, but big business held up in court since 2008 (and lost), the will of the Milwaukee County voters who voted 69% for paid sick leave. The Republican legislature just repealed that law for big business. Now, Justice Prosser want to use the courts to delay or kill JoAnne Kloppenburg’s right to have a completely legal recount.
Buzzflash: As Brad Friedman - one of the leading election integrity bloggers on the web - points out, it is puzzling to say the least for Prosser to claim in a news conference on April 18 to pledge to stop any recount efforts, even though the margin of "victory" (.488 percent) for Prosser falls within the range of a recount allowed by law and paid for by the state. On the one hand, Prosser asserted that judges shouldn't be partisan and should observe the law. On the other hand, he and his spokespeople declared that they would fight any recount effort that is provided for under the law in Wisconsin given the closeness of the race. As for Prosser, he comes off as a mini-me Antonin Scalia as he promises to uphold the law while defying it in relation to a legally sanctioned recount.

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