Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ryan town hall supporters soon will receive their fist full of Heritage Foundation talking points, and the end of a civil debate.

After attendees registered their terrified  responses over the Paul Ryan plan at various Republican "listening sessions," big money is about to step in and try to control the debate. For instance, the faux senior group '60 Plus Association' loves this lie:
WP: group, the 60 Plus Association, is placing calls and sending mail thanking Republicans for backing a plan that “strengthens and preserves Medicare,” according to the group’s Web site.
Here's Lawrence O'Donnell on the 60 Plus ad, which he plays:

But it gets more blatant, and worse:
The tea party group FreedomWorks has introduced a new social networking tool to connect activists for a budget debate that the organization’s president, Matt Kibbe, describes as a pivotal moment for the movement.
And like the tea party disruptions at town hall meeting during the health care reform debate, supporters of the Republican plan to end Medicare will be holding their talking point sheets of paper in their hands: 
And Heritage Action for America, a newly formed advocacy group affiliated with the Heritage Foundation, is distributing budget talking points for volunteers to use at lawmakers’ town hall meetings.

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