Saturday, April 23, 2011

Peoples Budget!! Why aren't we talking about the Congressional Progressive Caucus plan to balance the federal budget?

It's called the Budget of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Fiscal Year 2012!! It should be the topic of discussion and the meat of the debate. What is it?

It's the House Democrats balanced budget plan. You know, the one that's not the Obama or Ryan budget proposal. The press has ignored the one plan that balances the budget in ten years, raises taxes on the wealthy, cuts big oil spending, saves our safety net....

I'll let Rachel Maddow fill you in, but only after she trips down memory lane and looks fondly back on those days when the press stumbled all over themselves, to show tea party protesters disrupting town halls with scripts in hand. Oooh if only they would that now. This is part one, and part two dissects the plan:

This is part two featuring Matt Miller, columnist from the Washington Post, who knows his stuff about the mysterious Congressional Progressive Caucus budget plan:

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