Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rob Zerban hits gold with run against “Ryan, Medicare Killer.”

With an early start on his candidacy, angry town hall meetings and a Rep. Ryan proposal to add $6,000 to grandma and grandpa’s out of pocket costs to Medicare’s voucher program, former business entrepreneur Rob Zerban has momentum on his side.
Politiscoop:  "It's not that Paul Ryan doesn't want government or Medicare to work. It's that Paul Ryan wants government and Medicare to work for Big Business," Zerban said, citing the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations Ryan has received from health care industry groups.
Janesville Gazette: Rob Zerban was in Janesville for the Democratic Party’s First District convention at the UAW hall. Zerban is a member of the Kenosha County Board and ran two successful businesses, both in the food service industry. 
Zerban believes the public won’t care for Ryan’s Medicare proposal. “I think my main objection is to taking a system that is a part of the social fabric and replacing it with vouchers,” Zerban said. 
Considering cuts to student loans, benefits to veterans and other programs without considering cutting waste at the Pentagon just demonstrates “misplaced priorities.” 
“This is the lowest tax rate on the rich that we’ve had in 80 years,” Zerban said. “We’ve got to ask the wealthy and corporations to step up and share the load.” 
Janesville City Councilman-elect Sam Liebert “was impressed by Rob.” “He’s on the county board of supervisors, he’s a small-business owner and that means he’s created jobs.”


  1. Yep, yep, yep. He looks and sounds good. A successful businessman running against a cut and spend career politician.

  2. This is exciting! Do we finally have a real democratic candidate in the first CD?

    How do we get the word out? How can I help?