Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ryan's Hope...he gets out of the state in one piece. Tour riling up disillusioned conservative voters.

Paul Ryan's tour through Wisconsin is turning out huge angry crowds. Here are a few of the latest video clips:


Here's the local coverage from Milwaukee TV stations Fox 6 and CBS 58, although oddly, they don't show the listening session comments:

Here's Rachel Maddow's take on the listening session, with lots of ticked off voter questions. Good stuff:

Here's Big Ed with John Nichols, along with a number of longer citizen questions. It's fun to watch the passion and energy level Schultz puts into this issue, so I've included a bit more of his commentary:


  1. Great job putting these videos on the town halls together!

  2. Funny how these folks keep repeating the same wrong information. Ryans constituents tend to be a bit brighter than that.

  3. Wrong. They seem to have a grasp of the details and facts that haven't been passed out on pamphlets by Americans for Prosperity.

    The scam is obvious. But then in your anonymous comment, you didn't mention any of the wrong information.

    Try again.