Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Republican Cancels "Listening Session" at Car Dealer after threats of Boycott.

Just how tone deaf do businesses have to be not to know how poisonous the Walker administration has made between labor and their employers? One car dealer has found out despite being a minor player. This is what happens when you support one of our middle class Republican attackers.
Superiortelegram: Fallout from the political turmoil surrounding Gov. Scott Walker's administration has prompted an Eau Claire car dealership to slam the brakes on an offer to host a listening session for a newly elected Republican Assemblyman. 
State Rep. Warren Petryk, R-Eleva, announced Tuesday he has canceled a listening session that had been scheduled for Monday at Ken Vance Motors in Eau Claire.
The cancellation came about after the dealership received a half-dozen or so calls from local residents, including some longtime customers, suggesting they no longer would do business with the company because of its support for Walker and the GOP, said owner Ken Vance.
Vance acknowledged he donated $500 to the Walker campaign but noted that he also contributed $250 to his Democratic opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and has been a strong supporter of U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, D-La Crosse. "This thing is getting so out of hand with these blacklists and so on," Jason Vance said. "To be put on a list like that over $500 and not have the information out there that Ken also gave money to Tom Barrett is ridiculous. It's borderline blackmail. "I've never seen a political environment as toxic as this one," Jason Vance said. "It's too bad."
And who created this toxic political environment? Businesses have to know they not only need customers to make a profit, they also need their communities for support and employees. 

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  1. Walker & his GOP Legislative lackies initiated this fight.
    They stirred a sleeping giant and
    are the cause of the Wisconsin divide. So far Walker has not passed laws dictating how individuals MUST spend their money. Instead of "Buyer Beware", the new adage has become "Business
    Beware" when it comes to supporting politicians.