Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Booed in Milton, Wisconsin, the "Path to Prosperity" tour hitting a few citizen speed bumps.

Looks like the Janesville area isn't as smitten by Paul Ryan's genius as the mass media is, as reported here, in a teaser story for the full edition later this afternoon. 
Janesville Gazette: Congressman Paul Ryan was greeted with mixed reactions Tuesday as he toured across Walworth and Rock counties presenting his “path to prosperity” budget proposal. Some voters questioned his previous support of Bush-era tax cuts and increases in the debt limit. The discussion became heated at moments as constituents demanded answers, sometimes talking over Ryan as he answered questions from others.
...a town hall meeting in that the sound of booing....?

Walworth County Today: About 250 people filed into Janesville City Hall to hear Ryan’s federal spending plan, Patrick McDonald, a Janesville attorney, wasn’t so sure Ryan’s proposal asks everyone to share the burden. 
Ryan proposes lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent.
McDonald called the trickle-down effect—spurring business growth to stimulate the economy—another “re-run of the old show.”
“I would like to see some of the ideas in (Barack) Obama’s proposal and maybe some of the ideas in Ryan’s proposal combined so that the people at the top are going to bear some of the pain,” McDonald said. “I’d like to see the people at the bottom not have to bear anything if we can somehow spare them.” 
Ryan’s supporters watched through the presentation but joined in applause when someone praised his plan. “He’s like a bright light in a very, very ugly political system where nobody is telling the truth,” said Gary Knauer of Avalon.
Here's the guy who video taped the Milton listening session for Think Progress, interviewed by Ed Schultz, and his take on what the crowds were like:

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