Monday, April 25, 2011

While Walker kills Wind Energy, 77 percent of Wisconsinites want expansion, even if it means higher electric bills.

Again, Gov. Walker is doing just the opposite! The will of the people just another empty GOP slogan. 
FDLreporter: A poll of Wisconsin residents finds strong support for increasing the use of wind energy, even if doing so would raise electricity bills several dollars per month.
The Wisconsin Public Radio poll released Friday shows that 77 percent of respondents want to see the state invest more in wind energy. Reasons included decreasing the nation's reliance on foreign oil and helping the environment.
A majority, 69 percent, wouldn't mind eight to 10 wind-energy machines being placed close to where they live, and 79 percent favor placing the machines offshore in Lake Michigan.

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  1. And I'm curious as to what the current tally is for number of jobs NOT created by Walker in his providing a hostile atmosphere for alternative energy production.