Friday, April 22, 2011

Jobs First Coalition Mailer Lie tied to Brookfield Republican Alderman, and former convicted Rep. Scott Jensen. Brookfield again?

When you’ve got nothing else to say, lie.
LaCrosse Tribune: Democrats have requested a criminal investigation into the Milwaukee-area group behind mailings that claim 94th District Assembly candidate Steve Doyle paid his property taxes late. The mailings financed by the Jobs First Coalition repeatedly make the claim and include a doctored photograph of Doyle with "You pay on time, I don't" written on his palms. 
Doyle, who is also chairman of the La Crosse County Board, fired back with a press conference Thursday morning that offered two La Crosse County officials and the recently retired town of Onalaska clerk to vouch that he always paid his taxes on time. 
Attorneys for Maggie Brick, executive director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, filed a complaint Thursday afternoon that the mailings violate state law against false representations affecting elections "in an attempt to mislead the public to influence the upcoming 94th Assembly race." 
The Jobs First Coalition website lists a post office box address in Brookfield, Wis., but no telephone number for contact. The legal complaint lists the coalition's registered agent as Bob Reddin, a Brookfield city alderman. The Jobs First Coalition has been associated with Scott Jensen, the former Republican state Assembly speaker who left office in 2002 after being convicted of misconduct, later overturned in appeals court.
Conservative talk host Vicki McKenna called the Brookfield area the “conscience of Wisconsin.” 

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  1. Check into a new mailer sent to North Wisconsin residents from "Jobs First Coalition", from P.O. Box 2071, Brookfield, WI 53008, which would benefit Tea Party candidate Kim Simac. Just arrived 7/16/2011. More info on this group, please!